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Managing your custom material list templates
Managing your custom material list templates

How to manage your custom templates

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If you or someone in your organization has saved a custom material list template, you will be able to view it and make additional edits - all within the Manage Workflows page.

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Navigate to the Manage Workflows page

Log into your Hover account from a desktop browser:

  • Click the arrow beside your email address in the top right corner

  • From the pull down menu click Manage workflows

Note: Only custom templates that you or members of your organization previously created and saved will be available on this page. The Hover and the partner-specific template options are not available under template management.

Line Items

The cost of materials plays a crucial role in generating estimates, quotes, or bids. Whenever you need to make updates to the unit cost of various line items, select the Line items tab from the Manage Workflows page.

Each line item from a saved template will be listed, along with information about which template the line item is assigned to.

  • Click into the text field under Cost ($) to update a unit price

  • Click Save

Other tips for the Line Items page:

  • If you forget to click Save after updating the unit cost, you’ll see the following prompt - simply click Keep Editing for a second chance to save the unit cost

  • To view the activity history of a line item, click the clock icon. You'll see a pop-up that shows time stamps for when the line item was named, when the unit cost was last updated, etc.


Within Manage Workflows, you'll see a Templates tab. Each of your customized templates will be listed along with information about the trade of the template, it’s status, and the last date it was updated.

You can make multiple changes to your templates from this tab, including:

Enable or disable a template

  • To enable a template with an INACTIVE status:

    • Click on the inactive template to open it

    • Check the box beside Active for organization

    • Click Save

  • To disable a template with an ACTIVE status:

    • Click on the active template to open it

    • Uncheck the box beside Active for organization

    • Click Save

Rename a template

To rename a custom template:

  • Click on the the template you want to rename

    • Template Name will be the first text field on the next page

      • Rename the template in that field and click Save

Create template group

NOTE: The ability to create a template group is applicable to our estimation product which is only offered under the Transform membership.

If you're not on the Transform membership, you won't be able to complete the steps in this section.

"Create template group" allows you to set up a custom arrangement for customer-facing documents. Follow the steps below to arrange the order in which material list line items appear on a customer facing proposal document:

  • Click Templates from the Manage Workflows page

    • Each of your custom templates will be listed along with information about the trade of the template, it's status, and the last date it was updated

  • Click on the template to open it

  • In the Line items section, click Create template group

    • Name the group (required)

    • Provide a short description of the group (optional)

    • Click Create

    • Click Save

  • Scroll down to the Unassigned line items section

  • Check the box beside the line item(s) you want to assign to a template group

  • Click Assign to group in the top right corner

  • Choose the template group from the drop down menu

  • Click Save

  • If you want to delete the template group, click the trash can

    • Click Delete on the prompt

    • Click Save

      • All the items that had been in the deleted template group will automatically return to the list of unassigned line items

Calculation Preferences

The Calculation Preferences tab allows you to generate material quantity calculations for siding and trim, with the option to include or exclude openings. Additionally, you will have the ability to set a default waste factor for siding.

  • Click Calculation Preferences from the Manage Workflows menu

    • By default, all calculations for siding and siding trim (i.e. siding area behind trim corners and openings) will take into account areas with openings less than 33 square feet.

    • These calculation settings, once saved, will be applied to all jobs.

Color Grouping Rules

Our color grouping automation allows you to define color matching rules for various products in a custom template.

Whether you want to match the colors of the shingles and hip & ridge, or want the trim and soffit panels to automatically color match to the siding, view and manage the color grouping rules your organization has created from the Color Grouping tab.

When the custom template is used to create a material list, you will see an option to toggle on or off Material variation auto-matching so the color grouping rule can be applied:

Give me an example!

Let's assume that a rule has been created to ensure that the color for siding and gutter products will always match in a given custom template:

  • You enable Material variation auto-matching for a material list and choose "Arctic White" as the particular color of a siding product

  • The matching logic will run in the background and auto select the same color for any detectable gutters

Tip: If your organization is set up to place material orders directly through Hover as part of the Transform membership plan, find out how Material variant filtering can help you configure the material colors / options that your organization actively sells and orders.

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