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Matching Hip and Ridge Colors to Shingle Colors
Matching Hip and Ridge Colors to Shingle Colors

Learn how HOVER automatically defines colors for roofing products

Updated over a week ago

HOVER has made it easier for you to define the roofing product colors while ordering your job materials!

Our new automation functionality saves time during the ordering process by automatically matching the hip and ridge color selection to the color of the shingles. If a certain project doesn’t require the roofing product colors to match, you can override the automation and manually select the desired colors, instead.

NOTE: The automation functionality exists in the Estimator and Project Scope, but is not accessible from the Order Details page.

How it works

  • Select a template in the Estimator and click Select variations

  • On the next screen, you’ll see all the products (sorted by category) that require a color selection

  • When you select a color for a roof shingle product, the hip and ridge product will automatically show the same color selection.

    • The same would be true if you selected a color for the hip and ridge product, first. The roof shingle product would automatically show the same color selection.

  • You can select colors for a project within the Project Scope as well.

    • Click Edit on the material line

    • On the Edit Material pop-up, click on Select variant to choose a color - the shingles and hip and ridge material lines will update automatically with the same color choice:

Turning off the automation

If you don’t want the system to match the color of the shingles to the hip and ridges of a certain project, simply tap/click the Material variation auto-matching toggle to turn it off. Then, proceed by manually selecting the different colors for both products.

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