Org Admins have the ability to configure the material colors / options that Sales Reps actively sell and Production Managers actively order.

Admins in a Transform / Direct Ordering org will see a new option in the dropdown on HOVER below their email address titled Manage Workflows.

Clicking that will take you to a new settings page titled Materials.

The default state for this page is variants filtering disabled. This means that the org has not opted in to variant filtering. In the default state, you will see all variants in the Production Console.

Admin users may enable all variations / disable all variations for ALL or a subset of materials.

Once an Admin clicks the top level checkbox (shown above), the option to Enable All Variations / Disable All Variations appears.

By clicking Enable All Variations, you will see X of X (ex. “6 of 6”) variants enabled. Disabling All Variations will result in 0 of X (ex. “0 of 6”) variants enabled.

Admins can deselect a subset of items before clicking on Enable All Variations / Disable All Variations, so the action will only apply to the selected items.

Admins can also click into any material line item to see the number of enabled and disabled variants for that item.

Clicking Edit Variants will pull up a new screen where variant selections can be made based on what variants are routinely offered and/or ordered by the org.

Note: All variants for all materials will be enabled by default.

Select the variants you want available in the Production Console, then click Save.

In the example above, only the two Black variants selected will show up in the Production Console when placing an order.

When complete, click Materials on the top left to be taken back to the Materials List page and repeat the steps above for each material item you want to configure.

Every time changes are made, a confirmation banner will appear at the top of the Materials page.

Once you’re done configuring all material item variations, then go ahead and enable the feature (opt-in) by clicking Enable variants filtering.

If a material order list has been initiated in the Production Console, and an Admin user then disables a variant already selected in that material order, the item variation will become labeled as “unavailable” in the Production Console. The text only serves as a warning, and you may still proceed to order even if selected variations are “unavailable”. As a second warning, the following text will appear next to the Order Now button: “some colors are unavailable; select from available colors”.

Adding missing variations:

If you see that a material variant is missing, please contact your assigned HOVER Technical Onboarding Specialist to get the variant added into the system.

Disabling variant filtering:

Once material variant filtering is enabled for your org, if you want to opt out of variant filtering, please contact your HOVER Technical Onboarding Specialist to process the request.

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