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Editing material list line items
Editing material list line items

Add, remove or edit any line item based on your project scope

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You have the flexibility to edit, add, replace, or remove any line item(s) from your material list, based on your project scope. To keep things simple, you can edit the names, colors, quantities, and unit cost of each line item directly on the material list page.

If your project has unique install or waste preferences (ex: updating ice and water calculations or applying gutter apron on eaves instead of drip edge), edit the project scope before making any line item modifications.

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Updating waste coverage

To review or edit the coverage and waste factor calculations, click the calculator icon:

  • You can see the context for how the material line item was calculated at the top of the pop-up. To make changes:

    • Click into the Waste field to manually enter a new waste factor

    • Click into the Coverage field to manually enter a new value

    • Click Update - the line item measurement will adjust immediately

  • You can also edit the waste factor and coverage for a specific job, by clicking the button to edit scope. If you choose this option, you will reach a screen that includes a waste factor slider.

    • It's important to keep in mind that the waste value set at the line item level will take precedence over the waste factor selected at the template level.

  • If you want to make default waste factor or coverage adjustments for future use, you can either use the Save as Template feature or, if you're an admin for your Hover account, make those same edits from your Manage Workflows screen.

Edit products and brands

Line items typically include specific coverage and waste calculations. If you change the product of a line item, you need to ensure the coverage specified matches the selected product. It will not recalculate automatically based on product name or variation changes.

Swap out line items without needing to change your template by either switching the material profile or searching for a different brand or product.

Switching material profiles:

If a template has multiple material variations associated with it, we will default to one option and then allow you to quickly change that out for another profile.

Our “suggested items” prompt makes this easy.

For example, our Hardie Plank template defaults to the 8.25 inch plank option. By clicking on the suggested items drop down, you can select an alternative profile and the quantities will update automatically.

NOTE: The suggested items functionality is available with a limited number of templates (e.g. Hardie Plank, Diamond Kote lap siding, etc.)

Searching for a different brand or product:

Depending on whether your account has been integrated with a supplier (ABC Supply, Beacon, or SRS), you may be able to search for specific products and SKUs offered by suppliers.

  • When an org connects to a specific supplier, the product search functionality is automatically filtered to display products exclusively from the connected supplier(s) and their available branches

  • For example, you may want to swap out a generic roofing material for a GAF brand. If you forget the exact item name, you can use keywords or the Supplier item SKU / number and the system will search for items available based on your account settings:

Update product colors or variations

After updating the product name, use the drop-down menus to make changes to the color or associated variation. Then hover over the calculator icon to review how the material quantity was estimated and update the waste and coverage.

Add unit of cost

Material costs are not added by default. However, you can manually add in the costs for each line item and save those figures as a part of your template for future use.

Add line items

Click + Material in the top right corner of the material list and provide the material information in the pop-up screen.

Remove line items

To remove a material, unchecking a line item will remove it from the downloaded PDF and the order - it's that simple!

If you're happy with the edits you've made, download and share it with others or save it as a template for future use - no need to make those same edits next time!

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