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Below is a list of answers to common questions about HOVER's Material List feature.

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What is this feature?

Q: What's the material list feature?

A: HOVER's Material List (Beta) creates a material takeoff using your blueprint or photo capture measurements to calculate material quantities for roofing and siding projects. To learn more, visit

Q: Can I get a material list from my HOVER 3D saved design?

A: Not at this time. Instead, our standard set of templates use the measurement data to provide the required quantities of materials for your project scope.

Q: Can I generate a material list from the mobile app?

A: You can create, view and edit the scope of the material list on the mobile app, but any inline editing or sharing functionalities are not yet available from the mobile app.

Q: Will there be any charges for the material list feature after the beta period?

A: During the Beta period, the material list functionality will be offered to any job with measurements at no added cost. Your material lists or saved template modifications will be accessible to you after the Beta period, as well.

Trades and templates

Q: Which trades are supported by Material List?

A: Our material list templates currently include roofing and siding trades, along with limited manufacturer templates. For any new Material List templates or trades, please fill out our feedback form.

Q: How can I stay informed about the availability of new trades and templates?

A: Creating a material list for a job allows you to access all of our pre-set template options. Your organization will be notified as new trades and templates become available.

Q: Can I add additional roofing and siding templates?

A: During the Beta period, the Material List feature allows you to add customized templates by selecting the “Save as template” option.

Material List calculations

Q: How are my material list measurements calculated?

A: You can click the calculator icon on the material list line item to view details of how it was calculated and make necessary edits, as illustrated in this article.

Q: How can I edit the default settings for the material list template calculations?

A: To address unique projects needs and local codes, a workflow questionnaire is available to you via the "Edit Scope" button, as illustrated in this article.

Q: Can I change my waste factor?

A: To make specific waste factor modifications at the line item level, review the details by clicking the calculator icon. You can adjust the waste factor directly in that pop-up screen, or:

  • If adjustments are needed for a specific job, click Edit Scope in the top right corner of the material list

  • If adjustments are needed for your template, use the “Save as template” option.

Q: How can I save my customized material list as a template for future use?

A: Use the "Save as Template" option for future use modifications, as illustrated in this article.

Q: What could cause differences in roof measurements SQ between the measurement PDF and the Material List?

A: Discrepancies may occur due to the auto application of low-slope roof materials for roof slopes 3/12 and below. Users have the option to configure the application of low-slope materials by accessing the “Edit Scope” feature.

Sharing with suppliers

Q: Can I link product SKUs to match my supplier's catalog?

A: If you completed the Supplier Direct Ordering form and connected your HOVER account to a supplier (ABC Supply, Beacon, or SRS), you can search for items using a supplier item number when customizing your material list.

Q: How do I send my order directly to my supplier?

A: After enabling direct ordering and connecting to the supplier’s integration, you can send or order materials directly through partners such as ABC Supply, Beacon, or SRS.

Complete this form to enable direct ordering. Once approved and activated, you can search for and select your supplier's branch products for each item in the template and place orders with the "Order materials" button.

Q: Where does the unit cost come from and how can I save it?

A: It’s your organization’s responsibility to add and manage material unit costs. If you want to save the unit costs of your line items for future projects, you can use the "Save as template" option.

  • Once the template has been saved, unit cost addition/management is feasible for admins within the Manage Workflows > Line Items page, but solely for your organization's custom templates.

Q: Can I get real-time pricing after connecting to a supplier?

A: The material list reflects the unit costs set by your organization and is not linked to your supplier's pricing. Clicking the "Order materials" button will redirect to the "Order Details" page where you will see the connected supplier's real-time pricing for each available and mapped item you want to order. (ABC Supply, Beacon, or SRS).

Other questions

Q: Does Material List support user-level access instead of my entire organization?

A: The Material List feature can be limited to specific users. Make this request by contacting [email protected]

Q: Does Material List support any export options other than PDF?

A: Yes. Along with exporting as a PDF, you can also export a material list as a CSV file.

Q: Do you have proposals I can leave behind with a Homeowner?

A: No, but we offer an estimation product that provides "good", "better", and "best" estimates, as well as proposals for homeowners. Learn more.

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