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Calculation and waste preferences
Calculation and waste preferences

Setting up Material List calculations, and waste preferences for siding and trim

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Hover's material list template calculations are based on best practices we've seen in the industry. You may require different preferences to match how your organization orders and installs siding and trim.

Set up your siding calculation preferences

If the calculation preferences are not set up from the Manage Workflows page, the default for all jobs will be set at 10% for areas with openings less than 33 SQFT.

Calculation preferences are only available for siding, at this time.

1. Navigate to the Manage Workflows in the following (3) ways:

From the homepage:

  • Click the arrow beside your email address in the top right corner

  • Click Manage workflows from the pulldown menu

From the material list page - click Help:

From the material list page - click dropdown menu in upper right corner:

2. Click Calculation Preferences from the side menu:

From this page, you can choose to:

  • Include or exclude openings less than 33 SQFT in your siding calculations

  • Automatically account for siding in areas where trim may or may not be applied

    • (i.e. siding on the trim area of openings or at corners).

Make the adjustments manually and, once saved, these calculation settings will be applied to all future projects.

Adjusting waste preferences at the template-level

Adjustments made at the template-level will override the installation and waste preferences set on the Calculation Preferences page.

To review the template-level waste applied to your material list, click the Summary button and scroll to the template-level waste factor section:

To make changes to the template waste coverage:

  • Click Edit Scope:

  • Choose the template(s) when prompted

    • Selecting (2) or more templates of the same trade type will lead you to the area-selection screen prior to the waste factor screen.

  • When the Waste factor screen appears, slide the bar to make adjustments for each trade or manually input the percentage:

Note: You can make manual roof waste adjustments, or check the box to set Hover's recommended waste percentage.

  • On the additional screens, update the product style preferences and accessories (shutters, vents, etc.)

  • Click Finish calculation - you will be redirected to the material list page to see the changes.

Updating waste preferences at the line level

Adjustments made at line-level will override the installation and waste preferences set at the template-level.

Some template line items have default waste factors that will override any template-level waste settings. These default waste factors can be modified with the line item level calculator icon.

Click the calculator icon to review or edit the coverage and waste factor calculations at the line-level:

  • You can see the context for how the material line item was calculated at the top of the pop-up. To make changes:

    • Click into the Waste field to manually enter a new waste factor

    • Click into the Coverage field to manually enter a new value

    • Click Update - the line item measurement will adjust immediately

  • To save any template or line item level waste adjustments for future jobs, use the β€œSave as template” option.

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