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Submit orders directly to SRS Distribution from HOVER
Submit orders directly to SRS Distribution from HOVER

Customize your Material List template with SRS products and place material orders all within the HOVER platform.

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In this article we show you how to customize your Material List templates with SRS Distribution products and place material orders directly with SRS without ever having to leave the HOVER platform.

For best results, we recommend completing the set-up steps in this order:

  • Fill out the Supplier Default Branch form

  • Connect your HOVER account to your supplier (SRS)

  • Once connection is confirmed, live search SRS products and save as template for future jobs

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Before getting started

  • First, fill out this Supplier Default Branch form, if you haven't already done so.

    • The HOVER Customer Support team will use the submitted information to connect to your preferred branch.

      • Once completed, a Support Representative will notify you by email - typically within (1) business day

  • Then, make sure you've connected your Roof Hub and HOVER accounts as illustrated in this article.

You can also access the direct ordering form in your account by following these steps:

  • Log-in to your HOVER account from a desktop browser (

  • Click Material List from the property details page

  • Click Order Materials

    • This will initiate a prompt to connect a supplier account

    • Click Get started

Create a custom material list

Once Customer Support has confirmed that your org is connected to SRS, the product search functionality for your material lists will display products exclusively from SRS Distribution and its available branches.

When you create a material list for a job, it will load with a generic list of items. To customize your material list:

  • Update each line item to the specific SRS product

    • Click into the line item

    • Search for products by name or by the SRS SKU item. If you're uncertain about either of these, you can also search using the manufacturer's name.

    • Select a product color or variation and edit any additional details, such as the material line item coverage, waste, UoM, etc.

  • For additional information on customizing your material list, refer here.

Are you not seeing the SRS product SKUs?

  • If you're not seeing SRS's products when searching by name or by the SKU number, it's likely that you either skipped filling out the form or haven't finished connecting your HOVER account to your supplier, as shown in this article.

Note: You can save your customized template for future use so you don't need to map line items to your supplier's products every time!

Review and submit your material order

Once all your line items of the material list are mapped with the SRS Distribution catalog, you are then able to order directly from your branch by submitting the order digitally.

  • Click Order Materials at the bottom of the page

  • Review and edit line items from the Order Details page

  • Click Continue to billing and delivery

    • Enter your purchase order number

    • Choose the delivery method

    • Select delivery type (e.g. ground, drop, roof load)

    • Click Submit Order

Within the material list, a purchase order # will appear for each item you’ve previously ordered. By clicking the link for the purchase order #, you can navigate to the order confirmation page. The order confirmation page includes a direct link to the SRS portal’s order details, allowing you to easily review the status of your order and its total invoicing amount.

Still have questions? Reach out to our support team.

  • Call us (+1.844.754.6837). We're real people and ready to help!

  • Email us. We'll usually reply in about 30 min.

  • Chat with us. We generally answer in less than 3 mins. Click on the blue chat icon at the bottom right of your screen.

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