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Win more jobs with Hover Design
Win more jobs with Hover Design

See it to sell it. Help homeowners move fast without needing design skills.

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Losing bids because your clients can't visualize the final project? Let Hover be your secret weapon for design, helping you win jobs faster and impress homeowners from the get-go.

Why Hover?

  • Get noticed before your competitors. Embed our design tools on your website to wow homeowners before the first handshake.

  • Speed up the sales cycle. Confidence in homeowners, clarity for your team – that's the Hover advantage. Shorten the time to a big fat YES!

  • Editable designs. No need to wait for revisions. Change colors and materials on the spot – real time magic at the kitchen table.

Resources to Get Started

✨ Design with AI

Picture this – you upload a photo, and BAM! Our AI wizard transforms it into jaw-dropping design inspirations. Get homeowners excited about their project before they even shake hands with you.

πŸš€ Easy Lead Capture

Capture leads seamlessly with our integrated forms, trigger custom branded text invites, and receive all relevant information directly in your Hover account. Your customers will be excited to work with you, and you'll have everything you need at your fingertips

🎨 Design in 3D

Measurements? Check. Real material options? Check. Our interactive 3D model lets your customers see the full scope. Roofing, siding, windows – customize it all with your go-to products. Export a BIM file too – because we know you've got your design software favorites.

πŸ–ΌοΈ Order Designs

Level up from 3D to photo-realistic. Make bids more compelling, showcase premium materials, add decks, or switch up structures. With visual references across multiple trades, miscommunications and change orders can become a thing of the past.

Ready to Boost Sales? Get Started with Hover Today!

Because seeing is believing, and winning jobs has never been this easy.

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