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How to submit a Design Order
How to submit a Design Order

Help your customers see potential in their property with a beautifully rendered, photo-realistic vision

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Different examples of HOVER design images.

HOVER Design images build on our 3D technology to transform our 3D model of a property into a fully detailed, photo-realistic representation of a project.

In this article, we cover how to submit design orders for a property in your portfolio on a Professional account, as well as how to request a revision, when needed.

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Getting started

What's included in a design order?

A design order includes a set of 4 views (or designs) of 1 HOVER job.

  • A view is a perspective of the property, rendered in one image. You can request up to (4) unique images per job. Those images can include any variations in perspective, angle, time of day, product and/or color combinations.

  • Include everything you want to see visualized - there’s no limit!

    • Want to see the front of a home styled in (4) different ways? We can do that.

    • Need to showcase the full property: front, back, and both sides? Done.

With HOVER Design, you can visualize different sides of a property or the same side with different styles.

Start your design

Note: This experience is only available to those on a Professional account.

  • Log-in to your HOVER account and open the property in your portfolio

  • From the property details page:

    • Click the Design tab


Image of where to click the "get started" with design orders prompt in the HOVER app.

Completing the submission form

Share the project scope

The first thing you'll do in the submission form is communicate the scope of your project. There are 2 ways to do this:

  1. You can upload additional files (e.g., screenshots from your HOVER 3D model, annotated sketches, pictures of specific products, etc.)

  2. You can type out your request(s) in the text fields within the submission form.

Choosing to upload files

Uploading images and references helps us better understand your project scope. You can provide any of the following media:

Photos of different reference images that you can submit: reference images, blueprints, photo markups, HOVER 3D model screen shots, or specific products and colors.
  • You’ll see a page that allows you to upload up to (5) separate files and provide optional comments:

    • Drag and drop your file into the gray box(es), or click the box to search for the file you’d like to upload:

Choosing to type out your specifications

  • You'll see a page titled Project Overview

  • Select the trade(s) to be re-visualized in your scope, click Next

  • For each trade selected, you'll be required to write out your specifications for the specific trade

    • For example, with Trim you might write something like:

      • In design option #1: show with clay trim and in design option #2: show with white trim

NOTE: Any trades you do not select will still be included in your design as they appear in your capture photos for this job.

Select your design views

Customize your order by specifying which views should be included in your design set. Select up to (4) options from the menu:

Submit your order

The last page of the submission form will show you the expected price of the design set as well as the estimated turnaround time.

  • Review the Terms of Use, then click Agree and submit order

    • Once submitted you'll receive a confirmation email with a link to review your order details.

    • If you have questions about your order, contact [email protected]

We aim to fulfill orders in as little as 4 business days.

Retrieving your design set

We will send an email notification once your Design Set has been completed. The email message will include a link that redirects you to the property details page on your HOVER account.

  • From the property details page, you’ll be able to:

    • Download the recent design set

    • Open the design set hub

    • Click shortcut buttons to open a specific design in a set

NOTE: You can make simple edits using our interactive design tool or request revisions for more complicated changes. Click here to learn more.

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