Design Studio is an interactive, homeowner-facing design tool that brings a homeowner's ideas to life on a 3D model of their own home. Design Studio is available to all homeowners who have captured photos of their home via the HOVER mobile app.

Design Studio Features

Design Studio is an exploratory tool for homeowners to visualize new colors and materials and is meant for illustrative purposes. Built specifically for them, Design Studio provides an easy and intuitive way for homeowners to explore color and material options and see the possibilities of their home.

Homeowners can explore different colors and materials for:

  • Walls (brick, siding, concrete, stucco)

  • Roof

  • Trim

  • Windows

  • Doors (coming soon)

  • Accents (coming soon)

Homeowners can also share their designs from within the app.

Design Studio is currently only available in the HOVER mobile app (iOS and Android). If homeowners log into HOVER using a tablet or desktop computer, they will experience Design Pro functionality.

Design Studio vs. Design Pro

While both experiences include an interactive 3D model, Design Pro is built specifically for contractors with available measurements and material brands.

Design Studio

Design Pro

Target User


Professionals / Contractors

Use Case

Visualize initial ideas and explore colors and materials

Create quote and finalize materials

Interactive 3D Model



Accurate Measurements



Material Brands




Yes, for illustrative purposes only

Yes, including specific names

Learn more

For the contractor and professionals design experience, click here to learn more about Design Pro.

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