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Design Studio 3D - FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions for Design Studio 3D

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Below is a list of answers to common questions you may have about Hover's Design Studio 3D feature.

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Who can use Design Studio 3D?

Design Studio 3D was built specifically for homeowners as an exploratory tool to visualize the possibilities for their home.

How much does Design Studio 3D cost?

Design Studio 3D is free for any homeowner and comes with every completed project.

How do I access Design Studio 3D?

You can access it by opening a 3D model from your Property Portfolio on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Platform functionality

What's the difference between Design Studio 3D and Design Pro 3D?

While both experiences include an interactive 3D model, Design Pro 3D includes available measurements and material brands that contractors and pros need to complete their projects.

Here are some other differences:

Can I select a specific wall or roof face to change?

No, but design templates will provide the most common single face selection needs.

How can I add a siding accent to a gable?

The Elegant, Robust, and Adventurous design templates all apply accent siding to front-facing gables:

Can I view measurements on the model?

Not yet, but that functionality may be added in late 2025.

Can I add or remove shutters?

Currently, there is no way to add shutters if they don't already exist on the property.

To remove shutters, apply a design template. Every time a template is applied, all shutters will be removed.

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