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How can I sell and upsell using the interactive 3D model?
How can I sell and upsell using the interactive 3D model?

See how you can leverage HOVER's interactive 3D model to close more and bigger deals with homeowners.

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HOVER provides you with all exterior measurements you need to create an accurate quote as well as a fully scaled, interactive 3D model of the property.  By leveraging this 3D model in your sales presentations, you can excite the homeowner and increase their desire to choose your company for their remodeling or restoration project. 

Upselling with the 3D model:

HOVER's design features allow homeowners to see the impact of premium products on the look of their house, diminishing the chance that they will opt for cheaper options. 

Cross-selling with the 3D model:

With the 3D model, homeowners can immediately visualize the impact of your work on their home's aesthetics. Even though they only contacted you for a new roof, for instance, they will also experiment with the different siding options and be more prone to ask about pricing options for an additional siding upgrade. 

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View the video below to learn how to transform HOVER's interactive 3D model into your biggest sales tool: 

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Can't wait to get started? Check out this video to learn how you can share the 3D model with a homeowner.

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