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Design Studio provides an easy and intuitive way for you to see the possibilities of your home. Built specifically for homeowners, Design Studio is an exploratory tool for you to use when you want to better visualize new colors and materials options for your renovation projects.

Design Templates

When you open a 3D model of your HOVER job, you will automatically see a left side menu displaying multiple template options, as pictured here:

If you tap/click any of the design templates, you'll see it applied immediately to your 3D model along with color palettes shown at the footer. If you choose one of the other color palettes, the 3D model colors will change accordingly, but the design template will remain the same. You can also click the number+ option to open up the full list of available color palettes.

In each example image below, the design template "Elegant" is selected, but the 3D model is displaying that same design in a different color palette:

Once you've chosen a design template and color palette you're happy with, or mostly happy with, you can further refine the design by clicking the Walls icon in the left side menu and choosing the exact color/products you want. Click here for an in depth look at how to customize the walls of a 3D model!

Material groups:

In the past, whenever new colors or materials were chosen for a wall on the 3D model, the new selections would apply to all exterior walls. However, most of the time when multiple materials exist on a home (ie, stucco and brick) the homeowner does not always intend to apply one material to all those walls.

We added functionality to Design Studio which detects if there are multiple materials on the walls! If multiple materials are detected, the homeowner will be allowed to select which materials and walls they want to re-visualize. Click here to find out how!

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