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How to share a project
How to share a project

Invite someone outside your organization to view the property details and 3D model

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Note: this experience is currently limited to specific accounts. If you do not see this capability in your account but would like to, reach out to our support team ([email protected]).

Hover makes it easy for you to share a Hover job with someone outside your organization, regardless of whether they have an existing Hover account or not.

Review the steps below to get started.

Open the property page.

Log in to your Hover account and access the job you want to share with someone else. Then, click on the Members tab.

Fill out recipient information.

Click on Invite. Then, fill out the information prompts:

  • Email of the person you would like to share the Hover job with

  • (Optional) Any message you would like to include when sharing the Hover job

  • Whether the recipient is a homeowner or professional

Note: Users on a professional profile will have access to all job details, including measurements. Users on a homeowner profile will receive the 3D model, but no property measurements.

Once you share a Hover project with a user, they will receive an email from [email protected] with a link to the property details and the measurement PDF, if applicable.

Manage access, as needed.

Projects can be shared with multiple users. Simply fill out the information for each recipient separately.

If you would like to revoke access previously granted to a user, navigate back to the Hover job Members tab and click on the trash can icon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What happens if the person I am sharing project access with is not a Hover user?

If you are not already a user (pro or homeowner), a user profile will be created for you and you will receive a job assignment email. In this case, the link to the job does not take you to the Property Detail Page for that job. It instead drives you to the sign up flow.

Can someone who has a job shared with them upgrade a job (i.e., roof only to complete) or request changes to renderings?

Invited users cannot upgrade a job or a design. They can purchase a new set of renderings for the property though (separate from any renderings shared on the existing job).

Who can change access to a given Hover project?

Org Admins or Job Managers of the org that owns the job or the creator of the job are able to remove users from the job.

Is there a limit to the number of people a job can be shared with?

No, it’s unlimited!

Can people with whom the job is shared also share the job?

Yes, they can.

If there are specific 3D designs associated with a Hover account or project, do those also get shared?

Not at this time. Any 3D designs you work on are specific to your account. The recipient will still have access to Hover’s Design features, but they won’t see your changes. Stay tuned for enhancements on this in the future.

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