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Edit material list scope
Edit material list scope

Material List calculations, how to update waste factors, add accent siding, modify accessories, etc.

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Please be aware that editing the scope of a material list will fully regenerate the material list, effectively overwriting any modifications previously (including any in-line edits to product names, variations, etc).

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Reasons to edit a project scope

1. Your job has unique unique install and waste preferences, for example:

  • Update ice and water calculations

  • Apply gutter apron on eaves instead of rather drip edge

  • Include metal flashing on valleys

2. You've requested to have your property measurements reprocessed:

  • If you've requested to have your property measurements reprocessed to reflect any measurement updates, addition or removal of gutters and downspouts etc., you should use the "Recalculate Material List" feature to access the most current material quantities based on the revised measurements

3. You created a material list before receiving the property measurements:

  • While it is possible to create a material list before receiving your property measurements, the items that depend on measurements will not display properly, and any non-measurement dependent items will show quantities of zero. If you decide to generate a material list prior to receiving HOVER measurements, you can either:

    • Click 'Recalculate Material List' to manually enter measurements, or

    • Click 'Recalculate Material List' once HOVER property measurements are ready to ensure more accurate material quantities are represented

Editing the scope

1. Open a material list and tap Edit Scope.

2. Update the trades and material templates

  • Select a material template for each trade

    • To find the template(s) you need, you can search by the manufacturer, product line, trade, material type/substrate, and more.

  • Click Continue

*Stone and brick templates coming soon

3. Review the facades and line segments for each trade

You can use our 3D scoping tool to visualize and update which facets are included in the project, making it easier to prepare partial roofing or siding estimates.

  • Remove or add facets by clicking on the 3D model

  • Remove or add facets by clicking the tiles

  • Unchecking the “Select all” checkbox in the upper right corner will deselect everything so you can choose only the facades you want for the job

Note: Making changes on this screen will not be reflected in the 3D designing tool and vice versa.

4. Slide the bar to adjust the waste factor for each trade

5. Update preferences and accessories

  • Additional screens will guide you through the process of updating product style preferences (like accent siding) and accessories (shutters, vents, etc.)

When finished, click Finish calculation - you will be redirected to the material list page to see the changes.

Download and share

If you're satisfied with how your material list looks, download and share it with others as a PDF or CSV. You can also save it as a template for future use - no need to make those same edits next time!

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