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Updating a Zapier Connect workflow to Capture Only
Updating a Zapier Connect workflow to Capture Only
Updated over a week ago

Updating an existing Zapier workflow to Capture Only is very simple. The change is simply a dropdown selection change on the Zap:

  1. Open up the existing Zap that has the Connect workflow setup. This can be done by locating or searching for the Zap in the associated Zapier account.

2. Click into the Set up action field within the “Create a Capture Request” step in Zapier.

3. Scroll down to the Deliverable Type dropdown within the form.

4. Click into the dropdown. If Capture Only is enabled for this account, they will see the Capture Only Option. Select the option from the dropdown.

5. You can now either close the Zap action and turn the Zap back on, or do an additional test with the new setting. Note that the Zap will not begin running again until it is turned back on.

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