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Capture Only: Take Photos, Order Later

How to take photos onsite but order the deliverable(s) later

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As a construction pro using the Hover app, you have the option to take photos onsite, but order the deliverable(s) later. No cost until you're ready to submit the project!

Follow the steps below to complete a Photos Only submission.

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Start a new project

Once you've downloaded the app and are ready to take pictures of a property, start a new project:

  • Tap the '+' at the bottom center of your screen

  • Tap Exterior Measurements

  • Choose your deliverable

What's the difference between roof only, complete, and capture only?

  • The Roof Only option only includes the measurements, material, and model of the roof, including soffit. (Upgrade to complete anytime!)

  • The Complete option includes measurements, materials, and model for the roof and elevations, openings, gutters, and downspout count.

  • Capture Only lets you take the photos, but order the measurements later - either roof or complete options. No cost until you submit the job!

Enter property details

You will be directed to edit details about the project such as:

  • Name of the property

  • Address of the property

  • The 'Bill to' (if more than one wallet is on file)

  • Click the box to Save photos now. Order later.

    • If 'checked', the deliverable type will auto-fill as Photos Only

Take photos

Our in-app photo guide will pop up first with some "best practices" and safety reminders. Once you've reviewed them all, click Continue and Start capture.

Simply tap any spot on the grid to get started!

Can I take more than eight photos?

Yes! If you can't capture the entire side or corner of a property, don't hesitate to add more photos. There is no limit to the number of photos that you can take.

  • Tap on the photo spot in the grid and then tap “Add photos”.

  • Any additional photos added in this way will be used to build the 3D model.

When you've finished adding photos, click Submit. The project will appear in your properties list with a Ready to order status.

Ready to order?

Open the property and click Order deliverable now - Select a deliverable; Complete or Roof only 3D.

That's it! We will notify you when the deliverable(s) for your property have been finalized, and you’ll be charged at your standard price.

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