Features of Proposal Management & Customization:

  • Create pages from existing content you have by copying and pasting into your content section

  • Edit the sort order of your proposal pages

  • Preview your proposal without creating a new estimate

  • Configure the exact specifications that your sales reps see when generating an estimate

How Proposal Management & Customization works:

On your HOVER web app, select your email address in the upper right-hand corner of your home page

Select Manage workflows from the dropdown menu

On the left side of the Manage workflows page, select Proposal to kick-off the Proposal Management & Customization workflow

You can start creating your custom proposal by selecting the Add Section button. If you already have an existing proposal created, you’ll see it pre-populated on this page but you can still add new sections and/or move sections to different pages on the overall proposal

Once you’ve completed your proposal updates, click Save to finalize your edits. Your new proposal workflow is now live. If you’d like to preview your new proposal, click on Preview in the upper right-hand corner of your screen to view your proposal from your customers point of view.

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