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Creating a proposal for the customer
Creating a proposal for the customer

Learn how to generate a customized proposal that you can share directly with the customer

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Transform makes generating multiple proposals simple and fast thanks to the automated calculations provided by HOVER.

After the estimate is created, sales representatives can generate proposals, gather electronic signatures, and send the project details to the production team in seconds.

HOVER generates custom proposals specific to your organization. Along with the detailed scope of work, proposals may include company letterhead, company history, product warranties, company guarantees, payment terms, etc.

To get a proposal, go to the “My Properties” tab, select the property, and click “View Generated Estimates":

Select the generated estimate:

On the Estimate Details page, you can view the Estimate Inputs Summary by clicking the check symbol. Additionally, you can click the graph symbol to see itemized pricing. Furthermore, you can add a promotion by clicking on the “+” symbol.

Estimate Inputs Summary

Click the check symbol to view this page and review all property measurements as well as inputs selected from the Project Questionnaire. For example:

Itemized Pricing

Click the graph symbol to show the following:

Add Promotion

Click the "+" symbol, select whether the promotion applies to the entire project or just a particular package, enter the promotion name, select either percentage or fixed amount, enter the amount, and apply. For example:

When you're ready, click "Get Proposal" in the bottom left of the Estimate Details page:

Here's a short video showing a walkthrough of how to generate a proposal and gather electronic signatures:

Once the customer accepts and signs the proposal, click "Mark As Sold" on the Estimate Details page:

Next, we'll learn about production automation features found in the Production Console.

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