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Multiple eSignatures on HOVER Proposals
Multiple eSignatures on HOVER Proposals

Learn how to add multiple eSignatures to your proposals

Updated over a week ago

We're eager to announce a new feature that allows Org Admins to add e-Signature / e-Initial spots anywhere in their new text-based proposal.

First, click Manage Workflows under your email address, and then navigate to Proposal. Here, you will now see a new option to define how many signee options you want in your contract (1 or 2). This selection will determine if a Sales Rep can add two homeowners to a proposal and have spots for both of them to sign, should they proceed with the sale.

Once you make a signee preference (1 or 2), you can navigate to any of the Proposal sections you've created (examples above: Quote, SureNail, Contract) and see a new option for Signature. Clicking this button, you will see options for Signee 1 and Signee 2 to initial or sign. When you select any of these options, a tag will be placed wherever your cursor was in the content section.

In the screenshot above, an Admin opted to collect Signee 1 Initials and Signee 2 Initials under multiple sections. The corresponding tags (underlined in red) [Signee 1 Initials] , [Signee 2 Initials] were applied in the locations selected by the Admin.

Here's a short video showing the process:

As shown in the video, always add a space and comma between the first and second tag.

Once you place signature/initial tags anywhere that you need them in that Proposal section, click Save and then do the same process in any other sections you've created that require homeowner initials/signatures.

If you select 2 for “Document Signees Preference”, then your Sales Reps will now see a new option to Add another customer when creating a new proposal. If they tap/click it, they will have new fields to fill out for the second homeowner, and that information will show up in the proposal your Sales Rep shares with the homeowner.

Once the homeowner(s) agree to the scope of work, your Sales Reps can either have the homeowner(s) sign the contract onscreen by tapping/clicking Onscreen eSignature, or they can request the signature(s) through their email by tapping/clicking Request email eSignature.

If they request the signature via email, then each homeowner will receive an email of the contract that they can sign:

By clicking the Review & Sign link, the homeowner(s) can see the Contract via HelloSign.

Once all homeowners have signed, all homeowners and the contractor will be emailed the signed copy of the proposal. Here's an example of a confirmation email via HelloSign:

If you have any questions or concerns about the feature, please contact your HOVER representative for assistance.

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