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How Transform is customized to your needs
How Transform is customized to your needs

Learn about the onboarding process and how your sales and production automation features are customized to your organizational needs

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Onboarding is the process of customizing your organization's HOVER account to reflect your unique process.

Some things your organization will customize include:

  • The materials you sell and the associated labor charges

  • Custom multi-trade packages and templates

  • Custom proposals with your company logo, company history, guarantees, etc.

  • Calculations to meet your specific installation requirements

  • Waste factor by trade (Or use the HOVER recommended waste factor. HOVER calculates waste recommendations based on the attributes of each property and industry norms.)

During the onboarding process, your Technical Onboarding Specialist will have rigorously tested the accuracy of your estimation workflow. We do this by comparing the material and labor quantity and pricing outputs to jobs you have previously installed. We confirm the alignment of the outputs so that you can be confident your material calculations and that the estimate prices are correct every time.

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