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Learn how HOVER streamlines work processes such as estimation, proposals, material lists, and labor lists.

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The Transform membership plan offers all HOVER features. Most notably, sales and production features that help automate processes; making HOVER a single, streamlined solution that unifies teams. HOVER turns measurements into actionable project data that is customized to reflect the organization's pricing and installation preferences.

HOVER works with you one-on-one to unlock transformative features that are customized to your unique process:

From Sales:

  • Estimation: Accurate, easy estimates for multiple trades that reflect your unique install preferences and pricing

  • Proposals: Branded, auto-populated documents so you can get a digital signature on site

Through Production:

  • Material Lists: Precise, auto-populated materials lists based on the unique install requirements for each project

  • Labor Lists: Generated work orders with a single click that reflect a projects specific install needs

With HOVER, you can easily write multiple estimates within minutes. This enables your team to focus on up-sell opportunities and provide the best proposal to the client.

See Transform in action with this short video:

Why do exterior home improvement teams love Transform?

  1. Minimal manual entry required! HOVER automatically calculates prices so sales representatives can focus on building a relationship with the customer.

  2. Accurate calculations and automated processes mean fewer human errors. This drives consistency and profitability; allowing organizations to grow!

  3. Once a job is marked as sold, all project information is available to the production team.

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