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Using HOVER to generate roofing and siding estimates

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Below is a list of answers to common questions about HOVER Estimates.

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Why should I use HOVER Estimates?

Q: What value can HOVER Estimates provide for me?

A: HOVER generates siding estimates that are precise, fast and customized to your business with the only virtually intuitive scoping tool any Sales Representative can quickly start using.

  • Intuitive enough for any rep to estimate siding

  • Fast estimates across multiple trades

  • Precise siding quotes the first time

  • Reduces complexity with a single, connected solution

Q: How does HOVER Estimates stack up against other competitors?

A: HOVER provides detailed measurements for roofing and siding that seamlessly power the estimation and ordering features, simplifying the tech stack, ensuring precision, and saving our customers time and complexity.

Q: How is this different from the previous Roofing Estimates solution?

A: All the benefits of Roofing Estimates now apply to siding jobs too! HOVER Estimates now supports siding (and partial siding) projects, and all estimates include a visual 3D scope selection tool for partial jobs.

Q: Is this accessible on co-brands and white labels?

A: Yes, siding estimates are available across all co-branded and white label apps. There are no formal restrictions to material brands based on app instances at this time.

Tell me more about this solution.

Q: Who is this for?

A: HOVER exterior contractor customers who skew toward retail businesses that do or consider some siding; 100-250+ annual job potential.

Q: Do I need to purchase a membership plan to use HOVER Estimates?

A: Yes, organizations that have purchased the Transform membership plan will have HOVER Estimates enabled for them.

Q: On which devices can I create a siding estimate?

A: Estimates can be created and viewed on any device and are optimized for mobile tablets and phones for easy use in the field. Once saved, they can be viewed by any other user in their organization with access to the job on any device, as well.

Q: Which trades does HOVER Estimates support?

A: We support the following trades: Roofing, Siding, Soffit, Fascia, Skylights

NOTE: We can assess feasibility of windows on a case-by-case basis.

Q: Who in an org can create new estimates?

A: All users in an org can create and save a new estimate if the org has HOVER Estimates enabled.

Q: Who in an org can access an estimate that's already been created an/or sold? How?

A: Users with the role of Job Manager or Admin can access all estimates (both created and sold) via the Project List page.

Utilizing HOVER Estimates

Q: How much control do I have over the scope-input and how calculations are made?

A: We can integrate with most modern CRMs that provide configurable UI and UI actions, event triggers, bidirectional API capabilities and configurable object/fields for storing the structured data.

Q: Is the process and output for each trade separate or in one place?

A: All trades that an org is set up with are calculated and viewable in one place. A user can easily toggle a trade "on" or "off" to view the price and include it in the estimate.

Q: How do I make changes to the project questionnaire or calculations overtime (ex: pricing changes, new materials)?

A: Admins can make line item price changes by going to "Manage Workflows" and selecting "Line Items".

NOTE: Real-time pricing is not possible for estimates as we cannot know at the time of sale which distributor will be selected for material ordering. Pricing must be hard-coded to use in material calculations.

Q: How can you adjust estimates or see different options (ex: GBB)?

A: You can create multiple quotes at the same time without any extra effort. All the trades and templates you select will be calculated for you based on your scope-input, and you can select which to show or include in your quote.

Q: For partial estimates, do you also update the line segment measurements?

A: Yes, partial line segments (i.e. drip edge, outside/inside corners, etc) are updated based on which faces of the property were selected in the scope.

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