We know that some properties are more difficult than others to capture photos of with HOVER - however, there are ways to get around most challenges!

What you can HOVER

  • Properties on tight lot lines

  • Obstructed properties 

  • Multi-family residential properties

  • Townhomes

  • Connected properties

Properties with tight lot lines

When you struggle to capture the full corner or side because the property is close to another property, step back as much as possible. For corner shots, adjust your position until you see some free space in between the properties.

Properties surrounded by vegetation or blocked by obstructions like fences

If there’s a lot of vegetation around the property or something blocking your view, change your position to get the best view of the property you can. If necessary, step back, take photos at different angles or experiment with the way you hold your mobile device. You can also add more photos by tapping the “Add Photo +” button before submitting your photos.

Large properties like multifamily homes or rows of townhomes

Capture a multi-family residential property or townhome exactly like you would capture a single-family property. Take eight photos of the entire structure including all units. Try to step back as far as you can to get the whole structure in the frame - top to bottom, end to end. 

Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to capture a property with HOVER.

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