Good photos are critical for building an accurate 3D model. Watch this quick video to learn how you can easily take good photos with HOVER:

Adding additional photos

Don't hesitate to add additional photos if you can't capture the entire side or corner in the initial eight photos.

Adding additional structures

Start a new property for each structure on the same address like detached garages or sheds.

Taking photos without cell service or internet connectivity

Simply capture the photos as usual. Once your phone is reconnected to WiFi, the photos will automatically upload to HOVER.

As a best practice, we recommend opening the app once reconnected and verifying that the property has been successfully uploaded.

Capturing commercial buildings

When capturing a large structure like a multi-family residential property or commercial property, make sure to add more than eight photos. Take as many photos as needed to include each side and corner in the photos. There is no limit to the number of photos.

Making Sure It Uploaded

Make sure not to close the HOVER app too fast after submitting the property. A good rule of thumb is to check whether the property that you submitted has been added on top of the property portfolio.

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