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Adding reference measurements for exterior projects
Adding reference measurements for exterior projects

How to add a reference measurement to a project before leaving the site

Updated over a week ago

Hover uses image data, such as a standard size front door to determine scale for a property. When that visual data is obscured (ex: heavy foliage), we need to collect that information from another source, like a reference measurement.

Check out this 1 minute video for examples of a great reference measurement, or continue reading below:

Reference measurement examples:

It’s a good habit to collect one reference measurement before leaving a property. Make sure to measure something that is clearly visible in one or more of the photos you took through the app.

Examples include:

  • The width of a wall from the left corner to the right corner

  • the width and height of a front door or garage door

Record the measurement in the app

Although the Hover team cannot view the internal notes section of your capture, we recommend storing reference measurements there. If our team reaches out to request that information, you or your team members can easily refer back to that project to provide the measurement.

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