Trim Measurements

Learn about HOVER’s trim measurements.

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Trim measurements are listed as a separate item in the Areas table which can be found on the Summary page. That way, you can easily create an accurate estimate and material order list for siding projects that contain trim in the scope of work.

‘Siding’ column versus ‘Other’ column

  • All trim that touches siding is included in the ‘Siding’ column.

  • All trim that does not touch siding is included in the ‘Other’ column

Note: The same logic applies for Unknown areas. Unknown areas that touch siding are included in the ‘Siding’ column. Those that don’t touch any siding are included in the ‘Other’ column. 

Total Areas

The total area measurements include the trim measurements as well. Please make sure to adjust your waste factor accordingly. 

Waste Factor

The first three rows of the Siding Waste Factor table are calculated using the total square feet of siding facades, square feet of trim touching siding, and square feet of unknowns touching siding.

The lower three rows of the Siding Waste Factor table include total square footage from above, along with the square feet of all openings smaller than 33 square feet (i.e. garage and patio doors are not included).

Learn More

Check out this video to learn the ins and outs of the HOVER Measurements PDF. 

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