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Capture photos, jot down notes, select a template, and let Hover handle the rest.

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From simple roofing projects to custom siding jobs, Hover empowers you with consistent outputs and fast turnarounds. Bid confidently on new opportunities without the fear of unexpected costs or surprises.

Why Hover Over the Rest?

  • No Manual Errors: Unlike manual measurements and spreadsheets, Hover eliminates the risk of human error, miscalculations, and oversights.

  • All-in-One Mobile Platform: Unlike aerial software, Hover provides all the property and material info you need in one mobile platform—no more stitching together different tools.

  • Measured and Calculated for You: Unlike other digital solutions, Hover takes care of the measuring and calculations, allowing you focus on what matters most—delivering exceptional results for your customers.

Resources to Get Started

📱 Snap, Tap, Done

Reclaim lost hours measuring on site or scaling blueprints. With just your smartphone, Hover transforms property photos and construction drawings into detailed measurements. Our 3D property model eliminates guesswork, so there's no need for site revisits.

📏 Precision to the Inch, Every Time

Hover's meticulous measurements and customizable checklists ensure you capture every detail from the get-go. No more last-minute surprises or delays—bid confidently and tackle takeoffs with ease.

📦 Smarter Material Calculations

Tired of over-ordering and excessive material runs? Hover's got you covered. Select a template with two clicks, and voila! Detailed material lists generated with precision and customized to the way you work. No more wasted materials or unnecessary expenses.

🔄 Seamless Integration into Your Workflow

We understand the importance of tools fitting seamlessly into your workflow. Hover is designed to do just that—no disruptions, just increased efficiency.

Ready to Bid Confidently? Get Started with Hover Today!

Capture photos, jot down notes, select a template, and let Hover handle the rest. No more manual tasks, no more uncertainties.

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