Understanding HOVER's measurement PDF

What's included in the measurement PDF and how to access it

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HOVER transforms smartphone photos of any property into accurate exterior or interior measurements. We provide these measurements in an interactive 3D model and in PDF format. 

When you order complete measurements for a property (roof & walls), the following things will be included in the PDF:

  • The pictures you took of the property organized in a gallery format

  • A link to open the 3D model of the property

  • A siding summary page which provides a high level glimpse of the measurements you could use to create your estimates and material orders faster

  • A roof summary page with a supplemental waste factor table

  • A measurement key to better understand the phrases and expressions we utilize in the document

  • An elevations page with a diagram; view where all the different siding segments can be found on the 3D model

  • A detailed breakdown of all exterior measurements, including:

    • Facade details separated by siding material, brick, wrap, etc.

    • Gutter systems (not applicable for roof-only deliverables)

    • Measurements for openings like windows, doors, and sliding glass doors

      • Window Group (WG) measurements: Any windows of a structure that share the same trim will be labeled in the Windows chart as a Window Group (WG), labeled sequentially as WG-1, WG-2, etc. Within that same chart, a collective group measurement can be found under the column headings Group Width x Height and Group United Inches.

Accessing the measurements PDF:

You can access the measurements PDF in-app or online from the property page and also export the measurements into an Excel, XML, or JSON file type:

PDF Resources

Check out this example PDF for a more in-depth look! or view the following video to learn more about the key concepts and expressions we use in the measurement PDF.

This short video will also give a glimpse into how we differentiate between common siding materials vs less common materials (like brick, stone or stucco) as well as where you can find measurements for non-weathertight areas of the structure, if applicable.

Learn more

Make sure to take a look at The HOVER Measurements Glossary if you'd like to see an overview of all HOVER terminology. 

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