How to upload a blueprint

Get a 3D model and measurements for new construction jobs in by uploading a blueprint to Hover

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Hover helps you prepare dependable takeoffs for new builds, fast! You can prepare bids for simple homes, custom mansions, multi-family units, and more - without ever having to scale or trace a blueprint.

In this article, we cover how to upload blueprints to Hover and answer frequently asked questions for our New Construction solution.

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Getting started

Log into your account on web or mobile:

  • Web - On the “My Properties” page you will see a new construction tile.

  • Mobile - Select “Start” next to Upload Blueprints

Review your PDF

You will be prompted to ensure your file(s) include all the necessary information:

  • Elevation shots: Drawings of the property's exterior walls. We require one for each side of the building: front, back, left, and right

  • Floor plan(s): We require one for each level of the building with measurements. The measurements must be legible when zoomed-in

  • Resolution: Check that the blueprint and its measurements are legible and not blurry

  • Acknowledge the terms and conditions, then click Accept and Continue

Upload Files

  • Click Select file

    • If using the website, you also have the option to drag and drop files

  • Choose your file(s) from your device, then click Upload and continue

Enter the job details

Choose to build everything or only specific variations. If you'd like us to build everything on the blueprint, simply click Finish!

If you only require specific variations from the blueprint, select Specify what you need to build and follow the prompts which correspond to the instructions below:

Select the property size

  • Select the tile that matches the structure size:

    • Up to 10k sq ft roof (up to 4 stories)

    • Over 10k sq ft roof (over 4 stories)

Select measurement type

  • Choose whether you'd like a Complete or Roof-Only model and measurement pdf

    • "Complete" includes measurements for the roof, exterior walls and openings

    • "Roof-Only" includes simple roof measurements, only

Specific structure name(s)

  • Enter the name of the structure or variant as it appears on the blueprint

    • The name must match the name of the structure as it appears on the blueprint so it can be easily identified and built.

  • Click the + if you would like to receive measurements and a model for more than one structure on the same property:

Enter optional project notes

Optional project notes can be added but will not be seen by the Hover team. They're meant for you and your team to reference later on.

  • Click Finish

Note: Each building identified will be delivered and billed to your account as a unique job. Billing for each structure is based on the actual size of the structure after its been processed.


Turnaround-time and pricing

Q: What is the turnaround time?

A: Most jobs are returned within 24 hours.

Q: What is the cost?

A: Admins can navigate to the Admin console and select “Billing” to see the per job price for the users on their account

Which trades can Hover support?

Q: Can I order a job for a specific trade?

A: Yes, you can choose to order just the roof or the complete exterior, which is inclusive of all elevations. Generally, only trades on the exterior of the property are available at this time.”

Q: Does HOVER support parapet walls - how are they tagged?

A: Yes - the flat roof area, inside area, and top of the parapet walls are tagged as "roofing" material, and the outside of the parapet walls are tagged as "siding".

Note: This is unique to jobs from blueprints and not yet available for photo capture-based jobs.

Are there limitations?

Q: Which structure sizes are permissible?


  • Standard properties: Structures with roofs < 10k sq ft, or up to 4 stories

  • Large properties: Structures with roofs between 10 - 50k sq ft, or greater than 4+ stories

Q: What if I request to upload a standard blueprint but it's actually large?

A: Don't worry, billing is based on the actual size of the structure after its been processed. If you choose the wrong size specification at the time of upload, you will still receive the correct price based on the true size of the structure.

Q: Can I upload a blueprint pdf through the HOVER mobile app?

A: Yes - In early 2023 we added the capability to upload blueprints through the mobile app. You may need to update your HOVER app to see that option.

Still have questions? Reach out to our support team.

  • Call us (+1.844.754.6837). We're real people and ready to help!

  • Email us. We'll usually reply in about 30 min.

  • Chat with us. We generally answer in less than 3 mins. Click on the blue chat icon at the bottom right of your screen.

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