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Roof Hub Integration

Integration with Hover, built by Roof Hub

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Already using Roof Hub to order your materials?

Roof Hub has developed an integration using Hover's public API so that you can:

  • Invite a user to capture a property in Hover

  • View Hover job information and measurement PDFs for completed properties

  • Upload a blueprint to generate property measurements

  • Generate material orders using Hover measurement data

...all without having to leave the Roof Hub platform!

Set up the integration

Navigate to the integrations page and connect to Hover:

  • Log into your Roof Hub account

  • Click More and select Integrations from the dropdown menu

  • Scroll the page to find Hover and click Connect

Tap 'Allow':

You will be redirected to Hover to allow Roof Hub access to your Hover data:

  • Enter your Hover login credentials

  • Tap Allow on the automated prompt

Back on the Roof Hub integrations page, a green flag will indicate the integration has been successfully enabled:

Make the most of the integration

Click the expandable arrows below to see how to perform the following functions from the Roof Hub platform, once your accounts have been integrated.

Invite someone to capture a property in Hover

You can invite homeowners or professionals to take photos of a property, whether they have a Hover account or not. If the capturing user does not have a Hover account, they will be prompted to download the app and create an account, first.

To send an invitation from the Roof Hub homepage:

  • Tap the Hover button

  • Click Invite to Capture from the pulldown menu

Enter the necessary information for the property invite, like:

  • Property name

  • Recipient type (homeowner or professional)

  • Recipient name (person capturing the property)

  • Lead number

  • Capturing user's phone number

  • Capturing user's email address

  • Deliverable type (Roof-only or Complete)

  • Tap Send Invite

The capturing user will receive an SMS text as well as an email requesting they take photos of the property.

Upload a blueprint to Hover

The integration allows users to upload blueprints to Hover so the generated measurements can be used to order materials.

To upload a blueprint to Hover from the Roof Hub homepage:

  • Tap the Hover button

  • Select Upload Blueprint to Create Job from the dropdown menu

  • Input the property information (size, Roof-Only or Complete) and upload your file

    • You can submit plans formatted as PDF, DWG, or DXF

      • Ensure your blueprint file(s) include:

        • Elevation shots: We require drawings of the property's exterior walls; one for each side of the building: front, back, left, and right

        • Floor plan(s): We require one for each level of the building with measurements. The measurements must be legible when zoomed-in

        • Resolution: Check that the blueprint and its measurements are legible, not blurry

Search for and view Hover reports

From the Roof Hub platform, you can view high-level property information stored in your Hover account.

  • Click the Hover button on the Roof Hub homepage

  • Select View Reports from the dropdown menu

  • The most recent jobs will be displayed in the table, but you can search for a property by inputting the address or Hover Job ID into the search bar

Jobs in a complete state will offer you the ability to view the Hover Measurements PDF in another tab.

Create material orders

You can use Hover property measurement data to automatically set material quantities for your orders.

  • From the Orders tab in Roof Hub, select an existing order or select Create a New Order

  • Scroll to the Bill of Material section

  • Click the Integrations button on the far right

  • Select Hover from the dropdown menu

  • Search for the specific Hover job you want to import measurements from

  • Click Import

  • For fields with a yellow warning sign, select an option or variant for a particular product.

    • Roof Hub will calculate the quantity of material that's needed, based on the current price and the measurement data from Hover.

Need help? Reach out to the Roof Hub team.

If you encounter issues with this integration, we recommend reaching out directly to the Roof Hub team for the fastest resolution.

Send them a message or reach out by phone or email:

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