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HOVER for New Construction
HOVER for New Construction

HOVER measures for you, providing material takeoffs from a simple blueprint upload.

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Preparing dependable takeoffs for new builds doesn't have to be intimidating or time consuming. HOVER measures for you, providing material takeoffs from a simple blueprint upload, so you no longer have to choose between speed and precision when bidding on new construction jobs.

You can prepare bids for simple homes, custom mansions, multi-family complexes, and more - without ever having to scale or trace a blueprint.

Ready to get started?

Construction takeoffs come free with every HOVER job. If you’re new to HOVER, sign up for your free trial, then click "upload blueprint" in your account to start a new job.

Measurements are ready within 24 hours, and you’ll have access to a full suite of construction software tools.

Bid more in less time

Get siding and roofing measurements in about 24 hours, free of scaling or tracing. With less time spent number crunching, a fast TAT and all the info you need, you can bid on more projects.

Reduce guesswork and rework

With HOVER, you can say goodbye to the tiresome task of calculating material quantities. When you win a bid using HOVER, you get material lists calculated based on detailed, to-the-inch measurements, so you can deliver your service more seamlessly and efficiently.

Build bids that standout

With HOVER, you have the tools to showcase your grasp of the project. Support how you came to your estimate with ease, providing visual designs of the finished project to get noticed, and make sure everyone is aligned before the project starts.

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