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How to customize walls in Design Studio
How to customize walls in Design Studio

How homeowners can apply materials to the walls of a 3D model

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Design Studio can detect if multiple materials exist on a home (i.e. stucco and brick) and give homeowners the option to select which materials and walls to re-visualize!

What does it look like?

If a home has multiple materials, the homeowner will see all the materials grouped together in the Walls menu. From this menu, they can easily define which material to update by clicking on the product they want to change.

In the example below, after clicking on the stucco material, choosing a horizontal siding type, dutch lap, and a new color, what was once beige stucco on the 3D model is now light green, horizontal dutch lap siding.

If a home doesn’t have multiple materials, the material grouping will not be visible in the Walls menu. Instead, the Walls menu will only show the style options available to modify all the faces of the 3D model.

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