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Learn about the new Estimation Summary feature in Transform

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We recently launched a new feature called Estimation Summary. This feature allows sales reps, sales managers, and production managers to see exactly what inputs were selected in their estimate(s). This feature will provide efficiency and give your team more visibility and transparency into their overall workflow within HOVER.

Due to the sensitive nature of Profit Margin for some companies, this part of the Estimation Summary feature is opt-in only. Please let us know if youโ€™d like to have this enabled for your sales reps or not. Right now, it is not enabled and not viewable by any of your team members in HOVER.

How Estimation Summary works

If a user creates an estimate, selects at least one template and clicks Done, they will see a new checklist icon in the upper right hand corner on their Estimate Details page.

If the user selects the icon, they will be taken to the new Estimate Summary screen where they will see all the inputs they selected to create the estimate, along with the current profit margin of the estimate.

NOTE: This profit margin is real time, so if you add a promotion and then check back on this Estimation Summary screen, you will see the profit margin update.


1. Select at least one template (package) and click Done

2. Click the checklist icon in the upper right hand corner of the Estimate Details page

3. Review inputs on the Estimate Summary page

Once a job is marked as sold, an admin user on the company account can open the Production Console and see a new link titled Estimate Inputs Summary that they can click to be taken to the Estimate Summary page (the same one that is accessible in the Estimate Details page via the checklist icon).

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