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Why was my new construction job paused?
Why was my new construction job paused?

​​Reasons why a blueprint job may have been paused and how to resolve it

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If you receive an email notification that your blueprint project has been paused, it's because we're missing one or more of the requirements listed below.

Note: To resolve any of the following, please upload the requested file(s) using the button embedded in the message or respond directly to the email from Hover with the missing information.

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Most common reasons for a blueprint project to be paused

Missing measurements

The blueprint(s) must include measurements and the measurements on the file must be legible when zoomed-in.

Missing elevation shot

Property elevations are architectural drawings that show what each side of a building looks like from the outside. They typically show features like doors, windows and materials.

Missing floor plan

A floor plan on a blueprint is a scaled drawing that shows the layout of a room or building from above, detailing the arrangement of walls, doors and windows. It's a map of the building's interior spaces.

Any floor plan that you submit should include measurements that are legible when zoomed-in.

Missing roof plan

If you requested a Roof-Only deliverable, including a roof plan or roof framing plan is a requirement.

However, if you receive an email notification that your Complete deliverable blueprint project was paused due to a missing roof plan, it’s because your original blueprint submission is complex, and we need the structure’s roof plan to ensure the accuracy of our report.

Building(s) not specified

If the blueprint contains more than one structure, you need to specify which of the structures should be built. You'll be asked to name the structure(s) on the Finalize your job page.

The name entered on this page must match the name of the structure as it appears on the blueprint.

Blurry or low resolution

The blueprint(s) we receive must be legible when zoomed-in. If the blueprint(s) are too blurry or have a low resolution, we’ll pause your project and notify you that we require a higher resolution.

Files not processable

The documents you provided are unusable. This can happen if the file(s) aren't blueprints or the image quality of the file(s) is insufficient for our system to interpret.

Blueprints should be submitted as a PDF, DWF, or DWG file. Use the button embedded in the email notification to upload a processable file.

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