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Workflow instructions and FAQs related to the Verisk and HOVER Integration

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Verisk and HOVER are collaborating to streamline the claims resolution process, allowing adjusters and restoration contractors to quickly estimate repair costs. With this new integration, HOVER property measurements, 3D models and digital sketches flow automatically from HOVER to Xactimate and XactAnalysis!

Ready to integrate your HOVER account with Xactimate for a more seamless experience? Use this form and have the following available:

  • Your HOVER account email address

  • Just (1) XactNet Address

This will automatically notify both the HOVER and the Verisk Support teams who will complete the setup and configuration for you within 3-5 business days. When complete, you will be notified from either HOVER Support or your HOVER Account Management team.

In the following articles, we cover how to leverage the Verisk + HOVER integration in the supported workflows for insurance carriers, adjusters and restoration contractors:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What exactly does HOVER send to Xactimate?

    • HOVER's data property package that's sent to Xactimate includes the following:

      • 2D/3D sketch for estimating

      • Measurement PDF

      • Roof measurements

      • Elevation measurements

      • Interior measurements

      • Property and damage photos taken at the loss location

  • How do I find the Measurement PDF in Xactimate?

    • The Measurement PDF will automatically import along with the sketch and photos. To see the HOVER PDF:

      • Go to the "Reports" tab

      • Click the "Documents" tab

      • Click "Attached Docs" to view

  • How does this work with IAs (independent adjusters)?

    • There are a couple prerequisites for the integration to work with IAs:

      • The carrier needs to share their "data set" in Verisk with the IA

      • The individual IA needs to be entered on the request in Verisk before requesting HOVER data**

  • How much will this cost? Are there any fees?

    • There are no additional fees for carriers or contractors using this integration if they're on a membership plan. However, customers who are not on a HOVER membership plan will not be able to utilize the integration.

    • To learn more about the various membership plans we offer, reach out to [email protected]

  • Can you select a HOVER deliverable in Xactimate or XactAnalysis?

    • Yes, the HOVER deliverables shown in the “provider” dropdown menu are controlled by your configuration in Xact.

  • What will happen to the existing process of the HOVER .esx file?

    • It will be discontinued in the coming months as we move everyone over to the integration. Further communication (with ample lead time) will be coming soon.

  • How do multiple structures work with this integration?

    • The process for multiple structures is very similar between the Xactimate Online (XOR) and X1 versions, but there are minor differences. You can view either workflow in the following linked articles, but the general process is:

      • Click the "Request Data" button on the right side of the screen and import the HOVER measurement data within the Xactimate project

      • Repeat for each additional structure

  • Which tab does the HOVER sketch go to in Xactimate?

    • A HOVER Roof Only (“HOVER Roof”), HOVER Complete (“HOVER Roof and Walls)” or Interior Floor Plan (HOVER Interiors) will go to the "exterior" tab within Xactimate.

  • Will we be able to use the framing wizard with HOVER sketches?

    • Yes - the HOVER sketch now comes over as a "wireframe" roof sketch. The wireframe sketch only allows for stick framing in the framing wizard but users have the ability to convert the wireframe sketch to a legacy Xactimate roof sketch, if needed, to unlock additional framing options. One added benefit to the sketch coming over as a "wireframe" is that it can be used with XactScope, as is.

  • Will we still see “red line” issues on the HOVER sketches?

    • No - the "red line" issues that would sometimes present themselves on HOVER legacy .esx export sketches will no longer appear.

  • Do macros work with the HOVER sketches?

    • Yes, macros pull in measurements from the Ridge, Perimeter, Valley and SF/SQ.

  • Do defaults get over-ridden?

    • No! Any defaults set for a particular profile are adhered to with this integration so, the HOVER sketch will NOT override any of these settings as it comes in.

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