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Convert a Wireframe Roof to a Standard Roof

Details about roof labels, wireframe sketches and how to convert them to the standard roof sketch

Updated over a week ago

The Verisk + HOVER integration allows adjusters and restoration contractors to quickly estimate repair costs. With this new integration, HOVER property measurements, 3D models and digital sketches flow automatically from HOVER to Xactimate and XactAnalysis!

Wireframe Roof vs Standard Roof

Regardless of whether you’re using the desktop version (X1) or Xactimate Online (XOR), the HOVER sketch now imports as a "wireframe" roof sketch. This allows the sketch to be used with XactScope, as is. Unlike the standard Xactimate roof sketch (which is how the sketch appears when drawn manually) the wireframe sketch only allows for stick framing in the framing wizard. If needed, users have the ability to convert the wireframe sketch to a standard Xactimate roof sketch.

How to Convert a Wireframe Roof to a Standard Roof

There are two main reasons someone may want to convert a wireframe roof sketch to a standard roof sketch:

  1. A truss framing estimate for the roof is required in addition to or instead of a stick framing estimate

  2. One or more roofs were not set as sub-groups of the main roof, resulting in multiple roof labels

To convert the sketch:

  • Right click next to the structure

  • From the drop-down menu, select Convert Wireframe Roofs to Roofs

Roof Labels + Roof Properties

Roof labels should only be visible on the main roof. If you see multiple roof labels, Xactimate has separated those into individual roofs rather than part of the main roof. We have seen some structures (especially structures with dormer windows) where this has happened.

If you need to revise the roof labels so that they're a sub-group of the main roof, you can do that in the Roof Properties window.

  • Double click on one of the roofs to open the Roof Properties window

  • Under General click Subgroup Of

  • Click the small down-arrow and choose Roof 1

  • Repeat these steps for the remaining roof labels

Note: If you are attempting this on a wireframe sketch and don’t see the option to change the subgroup settings, follow the steps in the previous section to convert the sketch to a legacy sketch, first.

We have seen instances where the Roof Properties window will not pop up after a sketch has been converted. Instead, the Level Properties window pops up. If this happens, follow the steps outlined below to correct the problem:

  • Click the 3D icon at the bottom, far right corner of the sketch window

  • The 2D sketch will immediately convert to a 3D sketch

  • Click on the roof of the 3D sketch - an properties icon will appear above the sketch

  • Click the properties icon

Now when you click the 2D icon at the bottom far right corner of the sketch window, you’ll be able to double-click the roof and the Properties window will appear there, as well.

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