If your organization has upgraded to Transform and is using HOVER to generate estimates, you will need to learn how to edit the line item costs.

Editing Line Item Costs

Each estimation line item is set up by your Technical Onboarding Specialist and has a cost and a unit associated with it. These line item costs are used to generate estimates for your organization.

As material and product costs fluctuate, it's critical that your organization updates these costs within HOVER to ensure your organization is generating accurate estimates.

How To Access Line Item Management

After you are logged into the HOVER web app, select your email address in the upper right-hand corner of your home page and select Manage Workflows from the dropdown menu.

On the next page, click on Line items.


Who can access Line Item Management?

Only the admin can view and edit line items.

Can I edit other aspects of a line item?

Admin can only edit the costs of existing line items. If you need to edit other parts of the line item please contact your Technical Onboarding Specialist.

Can I edit line item costs on web and mobile?

The functionality to edit line items costs is only available on the web (not mobile).

How do I edit line item costs?

From the Line Item page, click on the cell with the cost, enter the correct cost and then hit ‘Save’.

How do I view the activity history on a line item?

Click on the timer icon on the right side of the line item.

The Activity History will store the name of the user that changed the line cost, the previous value, the new value, as well as the day, month and time the cost was changed. An example of this can be seen, below:

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