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Editing and downloading your material and labor lists
Editing and downloading your material and labor lists

Learn how to edit and download your material and labor lists in the Production Console

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You have the flexibility to edit, add, replace or remove any line item(s) from your material list, based on your project scope.

Editing Line Items

To keep things simple, you can edit the names, colors, quantities, and unit cost for each line item directly on the material list page.

Selecting a color/variation

Available options will appear on a drop-down menu for each line item. If you need to add or change a color selection, just click on the drop-down and select from the available options.

Color variants can even be added manually by choosing Custom variant in the drop-down menu:

Note: When a custom variation is entered in the Production Console, the details will be reflected on the downloaded PDF.

Remove a line item from a material or labor

Unchecking the line item will remove the Line item from the downloaded PDF and the Order.

Add a new line item

Click the "+ Add material" button in the top left corner of the Production Console to add a new item. Fill in the relevant fields on the pop-up and then click Add Material

Note: Labor and Other line items can also be added by using the "+ Add labor" and "+ Add other" buttons at the top of each list.

Download a list

You can download the material and labor lists as well by clicking the Download PDF button in the top left corner of the list.

You can also use the manually downloaded material list for use as a quote, bid, or order with suppliers. To do this:

  • Click Download PDF

  • Enter a PO number, order notes, etc. (optional steps)

  • Choose whether to include or exclude the material items' cost details

  • Click Download PDF from the pop-up box

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