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The Production Console: Generating material and labor lists
The Production Console: Generating material and labor lists

Learn about the automation features in the Production Console, and how to generate material and labor lists

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In the Production Console, Production Managers can generate material and labor lists for a project. The page is only accessible to users in your organization with "admin" level access.

Please note, the "Project Scope" button will appear greyed-out until a Sales Rep marks a job as sold. Once a job is marked as sold, the button will appear in blue.

The Projects List

Once logged into your account, click PROJECT LIST at the top of the page. Then, select the "Project Scope" button for a job in your Projects List for which you'd like to generate a material and labor list:

The Production Console

The Project Scope button opens the Production Console. The top of this page recaps the Property Measurements, Project Financials, along with a link to the full measurements PDF for the property you chose.

Material and Labor Lists

When you scroll within the Production console, you'll see the pre-populated material and labor lists organized by trade type. For each material item, you can edit the following variables: color, size, vendor, quantity, and unit cost.

Here's an example of a material list:

Further down on the page is the pre-populated labor list organized by trade. It functions the same as the material list, and similar fields may be edited.

Here's an example of a labor list:

At the bottom of the page is the “other” list which refers to miscellaneous line items such as permits, portable toilets, drop boxes, dumpsters, etc. You can also move items out of material and labor lists and into the "other" list by clearing the Vendor field.

Here's an example of an other list:

In the last module we'll learn how to edit and download material and labor lists.

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