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Navigating the Production Portal
Navigating the Production Portal

Learn about some of the production automation features and how to navigate the production portal

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The production portal is the one-stop shop for production managers using HOVER to produce a project. It's where you can place orders, export materials and labor lists, and review project details. It's accessible to all admins on your account if your organization has set up Direct Ordering or other Transform Plan features.

You can access all your projects from the Project list, which is accessible from the top navigation when using HOVER on your web browser. Each project has its own production page where everything for that project is housed.

Getting to the production page for a project

You can navigate to the production page for any project by selecting the "Project Scope" button for that job in your project list.

Property details summary

The top of the Production console page recaps the property details with easy access to the measurement PDF and 3D Model for that property. On the top right, you'll also see a summary of the job financials.

Materials List

When you scroll within the Production console, you'll see the pre-populated material list organized by trade type. For each material item, you can edit the following variables: vendor, color, quantity, and unit cost.

Here's an example of a material list:

When you're ready to order materials, just click the Order materials button to review and place the order with your integrated supplier. You can also export a PDF of the materials list by clicking Download PDF.

Labor List

If your organization has upgraded to the Transform plan, you will also see a pre-populated labor list by trade. It functions the same as the Materials list and can be exported shared by clicking the Download PDF button.

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