HOVER generates the materials list for you based on the property measurements and that project's scope.

If your sales team is using HOVER's estimation feature when selling a job, the scope of the project will already have been entered because the sales representative will have created the estimate and marked it as sold. If your Sales team is not using HOVER to estimate jobs, you'll just need to enter a few details about the project.

If you have a sold HOVER estimate from Sales:

If Sales generated an estimate and marked it as sold, all you have to do is navigate to the project from your project list and the materials list will already be there for you.

To get there, click on your project list from the top navigation bar, find the sold project, and click on the "production console" button for that project.

If you don't have a sold HOVER estimate from Sales:

From the property details page for the property, click the "Order Materials" button. You'll be prompted to answer a few questions about the project scope which should only take a minute or two to complete.

In both cases, your complete materials list will appear in the production page for that project. Most of the time, all you need to do is review and order! If you want to add or change items, it's easy to do. Learn how in the next module, Editing your materials list.

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