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What is a failed job?
What is a failed job?
Updated over a week ago

With a proper capture, HOVER can build almost any job. If we aren't able to build one of your jobs we will send you an email explaining why, and sometimes we'll ask for a little more information.

Here are some of the most common reasons jobs fail:

Not enough corner shots or photos are too close-up

Make sure to stand as far back as you can when capturing the corners of the building, close-up shots will not work.

Obstructions blocking key parts of the building

Sometimes changing your capture angle will help you avoid large obstructions to get a better shot of the corners.

Photos are blurry, weren't captured on a smart phone, or are too dark

We can only use original photos that are captured on a smart phone. Make sure to use flash for images captured at night.

What do I do if my job failed?

We will let you know why your job failed in the email you receive from us. If you need to add more photos, simply open the job up and hit "add photos".

If we're asking for a measurement or if you have any questions about your failed job you can reach out to the HOVER Support Team via chat, phone, or email!

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