Setting up your integrations

Finding and setting up Public Marketplace Integrations.

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Integrations allow you to connect HOVER to other 3rd party applications that you already use in order to streamline your workflow. We offer integrations with CRM systems, estimation tools, and claims management software so that you can easily create HOVER jobs in advance of being on site, pull in measurement data, and link out the 3D model.

Note: Only Team Admins on the HOVER membership can see the Integrations section.

To turn on an Integration via the HOVER web app:

  1. Click your email in the top right-hand corner of the page then select Settings.

  2. Click Integrations on the left hand list.

  3. Find the integration you want to activate and click the Connect button.

  4. A dialogue will open asking you if you want to authorize the application. Click the Allow button.

  5. You will then be redirected to the application to complete any further setup that is needed.

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