XactRemodel Integration

Connect your Hover account with XactRemodel

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Experience a streamlined estimation process with Hover's integration with XactRemodel.

This integration allows users to import Exterior or Interior Hover jobs, eliminating the need to manually sketch floor plans or exterior models within XactRemodel.

Integration Overview

For full information on how the integration works, click here to access XactRemodel's guide to Xactremodel and Hover.


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How do I link XactRemodel to Hover?

  1. Users must have an active account with Hover to establish a connection. To set up an account with Hover, visit https://hover.to/

  2. Log in to XactRemodel from www.xactremodel.com

  3. Navigate to the Settings tab and expand the Integrations card

  4. Click the LINK ACCOUNT button and you will be re-directed to Hover's account authentication page

  5. Log in with your Hover credentials (if requested) and click to ALLOW for XactRemodel to integrate with Hover

  6. You will be returned to XactRemodel where you will see the Hover account that is linked to your XactRemodel account

How can I import a floor plan from Hover to XactRemodel?

After you have captured the photos of the property and a report has been returned from Hover, you are able to pull that 3D model directly into the XactRemodel project.

You pull the existing 3D model into XactRemodel by following these steps:

  1. Create or open the project which you want to import the Hover 3D model into

  2. You have two options to import the file into your project:

    1. On the Summary tab, you will see an Integrations card where the Hover logo will be displayed. To import your 3D model, click IMPORT

    2. On the Studio tab, you will see an IMPORT button at the top right of the canvas. To import your 3D model, click IMPORT.
      If you don't see the integrations card or the IMPORT button on the Studio tab, verify you have linked your Hover account by following the steps above: Linking XactRemodel to Hover.

  3. After clicking the IMPORT button, select which property's 3D model that you want to import

  4. Click IMPORT

  5. The Hover property model will automatically be integrated into the Studio floor plan from which you can further customize and use to write your estimate. All dimensions pulled from the Hover file will be available to use when adding lin items in XactRemodel.

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