What is it?

With HOVER Connect, you can HOVER a property remotely by allowing homeowners to capture photos of their property. That way, you can provide an estimate remotely, or be fully prepared with your interactive 3D model and measurements prior to a meeting.

HOVER Connect is the ideal feature for one-call close organizations, scaling organizations targeting leads that are outside their normal territory, as well as insurance carriers and adjusters.

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You can invite the homeowner to HOVER Connect via the web app or the mobile app. 

Step 1 - Invite the homeowner to download the HOVER app

  • Open your Property Portfolio on the online platform. 
  • Tap '+ Invite Homeowner.' 
  • Type in the homeowners’ name, phone number, email address and home address. 
  • Select the measurements type. 
  • Click ‘Invite Homeowner.’
  • An email and text message will be automatically sent to the homeowner, inviting them to download HOVER and capture pictures of their home. 
  • After sending the invite, you can see whether the lead registered with HOVER and submitted photos of their property in your Property Portfolio. 
  • You can also resend or delete the invite at any time in your Property Portfolio. 

Pro tip: Note that you can also invite the homeowner on the mobile app by tapping the '+' sign and selecting 'Invite Homeowner.' 

Step 2 - The homeowner takes pictures of their home with HOVER

  • The homeowner will receive an invite to download HOVER both via email and text message. 
  • Once the homeowner takes pictures of their property with the HOVER app and submits them, you will see the property in your property portfolio. 

Step 3 - Receive the 3D model and measurements 

  • You will receive an email and push notification when the interactive 3D model and all the exterior measurements are ready. Only at this point will you be billed. 

Learn More

Take a look at this video in which we explain how you can use HOVER Connect to engage the homeowner from the start of your sales process. 


HOVER Connect is only available with the HOVER Membership. Check out this article to learn more about HOVER's membership benefits. 


  • How will I know that the homeowner has submitted photos of their home and that the 3D model is ready? In your Property Portfolio, you can see whether the homeowner registered with HOVER and submitted the photos. We’ll also send you an email when the homeowner uploads photos of their home and when the 3D model and measurements PDF are ready. 
  • At what point will I be billed? You will be billed when you receive the 3D model with all exterior measurements.
  • Does the homeowner receive the measurements as well? No, the homeowner receives the 3D model without any measurements. They do receive access to HOVER's design features so they can experiment with the look of the exterior of their property.
  • Can I delete the invite after I’ve sent it to the homeowner? Yes, you can delete the invite at any time. Once you delete the invite, the homeowner will no longer be able to submit their home to you. 
  • Can I archive the job if the homeowner does not capture their property? Yes, you can archive the job so it no longer appears in your Property Portfolio by clicking 'Archive.' You can unarchive the job again when the lead reaches out in the future by tapping 'Unarchive.'

Feel free to reach out to us at any time if you have any other questions! We’ll gladly help. 

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