Window Labeling and Window Grouping

How window measurements are portrayed in the measurement PDF

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In this article, we cover how window measurements of your structure are depicted in your measurement PDF. Understanding the way in which Hover labels a structure's windows and how the window grouping calculations are displayed will help you to complete your estimates that much quicker!

Window Labeling

Throughout the measurement PDF, you'll see various sketches, like the one pictured below. Each window in the sketch has a specific label assigned to it. These labels correspond to the Windows table, which can be found on the PDF page titled Openings. Hover assigns labels this way to make it easier to look up measurements for any one specific window, or group of windows.

The order in which the structure's windows are labeled, no matter the size of a structure, is as follows:

  • Beginning with the lowest level, left-to-right, you'll see labels such as W-101, W-102, etc.

  • The second level windows, labeled left-to-right, read as W-201, W-202, etc.

  • The third level windows, labeled left-to-right, read as W-301, W-302, and so on.

NOTE: If the property includes a walk-out basement with windows, the windows on that level will be labeled as W-001, W-002, etc.

Window Grouping

Window Grouping is a type of measurement depicted in the Windows chart of the PDF that contracting organizations find very useful, especially if preparing estimates per opening.

Any windows of a structure that share the same trim will be labeled in the Windows chart as a Window Group (WG). They'll be labeled sequentially as WG-1, WG-2, etc. Within that same chart, a collective group measurement can be found under the column headings Group Width x Height and Group United Inches.

Prefer to see the individual window measurements instead? No problem! The individual window opening width x height, united inches and area are all included in the chart as well.

Examples of windows in a Window Group:

Mulled Windows

Transom Windows

Triple Casement Windows

Arched Windows

Slider Windows

How Window Group measurements and individual window measurements are displayed in the PDF:

NOTE: Window Groups (WG-1, WG-2, etc) are not displayed on the interactive 3D model. Instead, you'll see each individual opening labeled on the model as W-101, W-102, etc.

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