Property Portfolio Access
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When your property is successfully completed, you'll receive a detailed breakdown of all measurements as a PDF email attachment. You can also access these measurements in your Property Portfolio, along with the interactive 3D model.

Property Portfolio Access:

Historically, if you were not on a HOVER membership plan, you only had access to property information within your portfolio for 12 months after the measurements were completed. But now, you will have access to all property information for an unlimited time whether you've signed up for a HOVER membership or not!

Portfolio access differs in other ways between our plan options. Continue reading below for a brief overview of the differences or check out our pricing page for more detailed information.

What you'll receive without a membership plan:

  • Standard property rates with not commitment

  • Measurement pdf

  • Interactive 3D model

  • Unlimited property access for any jobs completed within your portfolio

  • Basic data exports

  • Direct ordering

What you can receive under various HOVER Membership plans:

  • All the same options above, plus: 

  • Advanced export files (.esx, .skp, .dwg, .dfx + more!)

  • Software integrations

  • Roofing and Siding estimates

  • Proposals

  • and so much more!

If you have any other questions, contact us here.

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