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How to Create a HOVER Job Through XactAnalysis - Automated
How to Create a HOVER Job Through XactAnalysis - Automated

How the Verisk and HOVER integration works within XactAnalysis using an EDI file - finishing in Xactimate Online (XOR)

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In this article, we cover how to leverage the Verisk + HOVER integration by starting in XactAnalysis with an EDI file to automatically create a HOVER job. This workflow also includes the steps taken in XOR to pull the measurements into your estimate.

NOTE: The workflow outlined below shows the minimum amount of information required for the integration to function. You may need to enter more information for your specific process than what is covered here.

Upload an EDI File to XactAnalysis

An EDI file with a claim number and address can be loaded into XactAnalysis and then custom rules can be set up to determine when to automatically create a HOVER job (i.e. by data set or peril type).

Custom rules need to be turned on ahead of time by Verisk. Reach out to your Verisk Account Manager for more information.

Capturing a Property in HOVER

The EDI file, which will have been uploaded to XactAnalysis prior to this step, will create HOVER jobs and automatically assign them to a default user, instead of a specific user. When a job is assigned to you, follow the steps below to properly capture the photos through the HOVER app.

NOTE: In this workflow, customers capturing a property must be set up with job manager access. Reach out to [email protected] for assistance with permission settings, if applicable.

  • When onsite at the loss location, open up the HOVER app

  • Tap on the search icon in the top left corner

  • Search for the assignment either by address or claim number

  • Tap to open the draft job

  • All of the claim details auto-populate from XactAnalysis

  • Tap Take Photos

  • Capture the HOVER photos as normal - walk around the property taking a photo of each face and corner

  • Add damage photos, if desired

  • Tap Continue when done taking photos and then Tap Finish so HOVER can start processing the job:

  • HOVER will notify you when the job is complete

Importing HOVER Data into Xactimate

  • You’ll receive a notification in Xactimate when the HOVER job is ready

  • Open the project

  • On the new window, you’ll see the estimator tool on the left side of the screen. Under “Estimate” choose the “Sketch” tab

  • Click the icon in the top left corner of the sketch window

    • You'll see the HOVER measurement data is available to pull in

    • Click Import

  • The HOVER 2D/3D sketch and measurements will import into your working estimate

    • If it's an interior job, the sketch will resemble:

    • If it's an exterior job, the sketch will resemble:

  • From the estimator tool, you can access the Measurement PDF.

    • Click on "Documents", and then click the Reports tab

    • Click the Documents tab

    • Click the Attached Docs tab

  • From the estimator tool, you can click the "Photos" tab, you’ll see all the imported photos which were taken while onsite in the app (including damage and annotated photos, if applicable)

    • HOVER photos imported via the Verisk integration are labeled with the location they were taken around the property (i.e. Front, Front Right, Right, Back Right, etc.)

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