Direct Ordering Overview

Learn how HOVER helps you place orders instantly without manual entry, calculations, or calls.

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Direct Ordering is a HOVER feature that calculates material quantities and instantly places material orders through an integration with your supplier.

HOVER calculates and pre-populates your material orders for you using HOVER's comprehensive and accurate measurements. Those material orders pull in manufacturer details for what you sell so all you have to do is review and submit your order. Best of all, you can submit the order without ever leaving HOVER.

See Direct Ordering in action with this short demo:

Why do production teams love Direct Ordering?

1) It saves you time on every project with pre-populated orders that include all the detail that the supplier needs to fulfill it. No manual entry required!

2) Dependable calculations mean fewer human errors. Plus, your organization may have customized the calculations to reflect all the nuances for how you uniquely price and install.

3) When a job is sold, all you have to do is review and click "purchase."

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